Nothing adds richness and beauty to a room like a gorgeous leather. It has been used all over the world for thousands of years in any number of applications. Leather is durable, cleanable, and long-lasting, and brings a raw natural beauty that manufactured products simply cannot match.

However, because it is such a prized commodity, the leather industry has been very creative in recent decades. A global market, enhancements in available technology, and the constant battle for lower prices have created a huge range in leather types and qualities.

There are bonded leathers, split leathers, polyurethane "leathers," and vinyl look-alikes. Today, simply because something looks or even feels like leather, does not mean it is.


Personalised Service

To us you not just a number but a member of our family. We ensure that our clients get the care and service they deserve. This is what make us stand out from the rest.


We are really good at what we do. Our clients value competency and professionalism. We continue to improve as we believe that client loyalty comes from us being the best.


Our Customers are able to get in touch with us via any channel that suites them including email, whatsapp, via our online web based chat services, telephone or by personally calling at our business premises where you will be welcomed and spoilt with our first class hospitality.


We are proactive in our services, reaching out to our clients needs. We believe that by being proactive we ensure that our clients interest and needs are never compromised. We are continually keeping ourselves ahead of the pack by up-skilling ourselves on a continuous basis .

We Love Our Customers

We value and love our customers no matter how big or small, after all our business is built around our valued customers. Without you, the client we will not thrive a service provider. Isn't it time that you too join our family and get that personal touch with quality that is unsurpassed.
With years behind us in the trade it is not just us that believe but our customers also, that we are the best.

We are proud to say that we have may happy clients who remain loyal and are our ambassadors.

Our trained staff are constantly upgraded with key skill so that we may be of better service to our clients. We invest in our staff so that you can be assured of the best in service.

We hire people who do what they love and makes sure they love where they work. This passion is evident in our culture, work environment , and most importantly...our services.